A number of schemes have been identified by Newcastle City Council. The four schemes involved in the HABITS project are:

Streets for People

The Streets for People project was funded by the CCAF Phase 2. It is a process for communities to identify and investment in local improvements that will make walking and cycling more attractive. It is being implemented in three suburbs north (Jesmond), east (Ouseburn to Heaton) and west (Arthurs Hill (Wingrove) to Fenham) of the city centre. The project is facilitated by Phil Jones Associates engaging with both local and council stakeholders. It is a three stage process: 1) recruit a Reference Group to advise on the design and delivery of the engagement plan; 2) gather evidence for a Needs Analysis using a web based mapping tool and 3) Develop needs into Proposals. Parts 1 and 2 were carried out in 2016, and the proposals are being designed throughout March – May 2017, to be presented to the Council in June 2017. Following local awareness raising throughout summer 2017, formal consultation will be in autumn 2017 and delivery in early 2018. Current proposals across the three areas include:

  • Safer crossings;
  • Slower and reduced traffic;
  • Responsible parking; and,
  • Pedestrian-cyclist segregation.
Gosforth High Street

Gosforth is a densely populated mixed use and relatively affluent suburb north of the City Centre. Gosforth High Street, the main retail and leisure street of the area is a primary route into the city centre forming part of the Great North Road to the A1 North and is an Air Quality Management Area. Prior to the CCAF, a 20mph TRO commenced in 2011, and three further speed limit reductions along the Great North Road (from the city centre to the A1) were proposed in July 2016. Proposals developed through consultation with local stakeholders include:

  • Giving pedestrians priority;
  • Realignment of junctions to reduce vehicle speeds;
  • Parking restrictions to improve pedestrian access and visibility (with new short term side street parking provision provided elsewhere);
  • Intelligent traffic signals;
  • Flooding alleviation;
  • Junction, footpath and crossing improvements;
  • Cycle lanes;
  • New crossings;
  • Road tables;
  • Prioritised traffic direction.
City Centre North

Under the RE-Newcastle transport improvements, there will be a £10m investment in key city centre roads to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, which will include :

  • Redesigned road layouts to reduce rat running and prioritise buses;
  • New intelligent traffic light technologies to better manage flow;
  • Widened and de-cluttered pavements;
  • Dedicated two way cycle tracks;
  • Safer pedestrian crossings.

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